Architecture As a Service, Web3, Blockchain

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We take comprehensive care of what we do, solving problems and delivering results rather than just proposing solutions.

We offer consulting using on-demand architecture approach that enables business and IT to respond in an agile way to the ever-changing needs, as well as a fullstack project development with an emphasis on blockchain solutions. We are conceptualising, organizing and improving the development of blockchain products, as well as smart contract based decentralized systems.

We organize and conduct architectural efforts to improve accuracy and quality of IT services, at the same time as reducing cost and redundancies. We also design, organize and develop comprehensive Web3 solutions taking care of all aspects of decentralized systems.

Our services:

  • On-demand Enterprise Architecture
  • Blockchian solution architectures and R&D
  • Software project consultancy and mentoring
  • Cybersecurity & Security Architecture services
  • Fullstack software development